August 16, 2022

Reporters’ Diary

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Emajo Africa Arts Initiative committed to promoting, preserving Arts, culture and tradition

An NGO, Emajo Africa Arts Initiative (EMAAI) yesterday said the initiative is committed to promoting and preserving Arts, Culture and tradition which was slowly ebbing away due to Western influence.

Miss Margaret Matsimouna, one of the founders, EMAAI, said that the initiative was instrumental in the dance entertainment industry in Nigeria and diaspora.

According to Matsimouna, the aim of the initiative is to groom and empower young ones through Arts and culture.

“We have risen to the point of using dance as a positive tool in many facets of life.

“Dance can also be used as a tool for youth development, discovering and nurturing talents, entertainment and training in Secondary Schools,” she said.

The coordinator said that part of the goal of the initiative was the empowerment and talent development of the youth.

“We strive to create platforms and expressions, thereby creating a synergy between culture and education using the arts as the medium of choice.

“With our passion and drive for greater work, we won’t stop the pursuit to promote African culture and heritage,” she said.

Also Mr John Emmanuel, the Co-founder, EMAAI, said the initiative was organising a project titled Nkpo Nkang which means wonders from the Akwa Ibom tribe of Nigeria.

Emmanuel said that the project was a workshop where opportunities will be opened to different gifts and talents.

“Our dreams is to celebrate our indigenous African culture.

“We believe that by offering this workshop, we are facilitating an area of education and asides from the educational purpose of the project, everyone who comes will leave with memories that lasts forever,” he said.

He urged the government, individuals and external bodies to assist the NGO to achieve the goal of using dance as a tool for enhancing the positive use of talents.

According to him, this will also help in exploring potential without limits and also as a tool for educating young, budding minds and self-awareness.