August 18, 2022

Reporters’ Diary

Factual Reportage

Steller Initiative to empower one million pupils in Nigeria

…providing over 5 million stationaries to pupils

The Stellar Initiative (TSI), a non-governmental organization with a core focus on alleviating poverty and educating children across Africa, has announced its plan to educate one million pupils on drug abuse and give 5 million stationaries to students in disadvantaged communities across Benin, Kano, Oyo, Enugu, Kogi, and other states, through its Book tour and movie show project.

Launched on the 5th  of April, the TSI Book tour and movie show project was born out of the desire to not only see more underserved children in school but to ensure students are equipped with moral and mental prowess to excel through school and upon graduation.  With this project, students will be thoroughly educated on drug abuse, bullying, self-esteem, leveraging a blockbuster movie; Nimbe – a film that addresses issues associated with drug abuse. Students will also be provided with stationaries to ensure they stay in school.

Speaking about the initiative, Lead Volunteer and Founder of The Steller Initiative, Precious Eniayekan, expressed her zeal about how the TSI book tour and movie show project will positively impact pupils of low communities across Nigeria. “Studies according to UNICEF have shown that one in every five of the world’s out-of-school children is in Nigeria; this to us means that there’s a need for a major and urgent intervention in the Nigerian educational sector. Every Nigerian child deserves the right to quality education irrespective of their financial capacities or geographical locations and this is why we do what we do. We are elated to extend our reach to other regions of the country and are extremely thankful to all our donors and volunteers who have made this possible” she said.

Further commenting, she expressed concerns on the need to increase intentionality on how children are raised especially within disadvantaged communities. “Sadly, several communities continue to degrade due to several blue factors ranging from an economic downturn to financial instability, to lack of security and lots more. Raising children in communities like this without proper care, will not only hurt the child but ultimately deprive Nigeria, our dear country, of building a sustainable nation. It is therefore important to pay closer attention to how children are raised in disadvantaged communities. Having launched this project at Ijero Baptist Primary School, Ebutte Meta, and received positive feedback, we believe that expanding our reach to other regions is a step in the right direction towards instilling the kinds of character, beliefs, and support every child should have” she added.

Since its inception, The Steller Initiative has conti9nued to aggressively contribute its quota towards developing rural communities and the educational sector in Nigeria. They recently awarded a full academic scholarship to 20 pupils and provided micro-grants to women in rural communities to start businesses.

The Stellar Initiative is a non-profit organization that is committed to the welfare and developmental growth of children growing up in rural communities, as we are well aware of the mental, social, and economic restrictions that growing up in such environments can create if there is no external intervention. We help them get informed, educated, and equipped for socio-economic change and position them for world leadership. Over 7,000 children and 10,000 young adults have directly benefited from the initiative.