August 18, 2022

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Operators to sue Uber, Bolt over blocking of drivers’ accounts

The Professional E-Hailing Drivers and Private Owners Association (PEDPA) said it would seek court redress over the unjustified blocking of its members’ accounts by Uber and Bolt App companies.

President of FEDPA, Mr Idris Shonuga, said in a statement in Lagos that its legal team was already compiling evidences in order to institute a court case against Uber and Bolt companies.

Shonuga said PEDPA had the backing of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) to initiate the legal action on behalf of members whose accounts were arbitrarily deactivated by Uber and Bolt.

“In view of the foregoing, as required by our Legal Unit, a Google sheet has been designed to capture our cases with evidences.

“We therefore call on all drivers who have been affected in the following areas to present their case using the Google Sheet Link provided without delay,” he said.

He added that those whose accounts were blocked for exercising their fundamental human right to protest during the recent strike should also fill the form and give detailed comment in the section provided.

The FEDPA president said all drivers who were disabled or died in active service without compensation by Uber and Bolt companies should also join the association in seeking redress.

“This ugly trend has really hit hardworking drivers who have deployed their cars, assets worth well over N2 million, thus leaving us highly impoverished,” the president said in the statement.

According to him, Uber and Bolt drivers are not allowed to have a contractual right and obligation to fix the prices for their services.

“Sadly, Uber/Bolt companies have not only fixed the price for our services, they also fixed a huge commission for themselves at the detriment of the direct service providers who are the drivers,” Shonuga said.

He said in their bid to attract more drivers to their platforms, Uber and Bolt kept reducing fares not minding the harsh economic effects on the drivers who have subscribed to their platforms

“Because of the alarming rate of unemployment in the country, many drivers are joining the e-hailing industry as the means to earn a decent living.

“That is why they keep blocking drivers’ accounts unjustifiably without any fair hearing, especially the older drivers’ accounts on their platforms.

“This development has resulted in many drivers losing their cars and ended up being frustrated out of business.

“Many have also lost their lives, while others have suffered permanent disability in the line of duty without any compensation to the affected drivers nor to the family of the deceased,” he added.