August 18, 2022

Reporters’ Diary

Factual Reportage

U.S. reiterates commitment to tackle Nigeria’s challenges

The United States of America has reiterated its commitment to providing support towards uplifting the lives and overcoming the challenges facing Nigeria.

Mary Leonard, the United States Ambassador to Nigeria, said at the sideline of her working visit to Sokoto State.

She said that the USAID had invested about 122 million dollars in different activities including primary healthcare, immunisation, education, agriculture and empowerment programmes since 2015.

The ambassador explained that possibilities of streamlining supports to channel on specific crops or items per section are been considered in order to boost peculiar production to international standards.

According to her, expert were engaged in the promotion of varieties of agricultural value chains toward enhancing food sufficiency, employment and others.

Leonard noted that USAID future interactions would aim at improving agriculturalists’ capacity towards engaging the right agricultural practices for growth and enhanced food production.

She added that the Safe Schools Initiative and other educational support were given priority.

The Ambassador explained that America has been supportive of Nigeria in the areas of information gathering and hardware to combat security challenges.

She said the U.S. memorandum of understanding and partnership with Sokoto State Government and Usmanu Danfodio University (UDUS) were fruitful.

She noted that UDUS’ American Space Corner was established 14 years ago and serves as an avenue for discussion and sharing intellectual property among people.