August 16, 2022

Reporters’ Diary

Factual Reportage

Expert warns parents against comparing children with others

A Science Educator, Department of Science and Technology Education, University of Ibadan, Dr Nathaniel Omilani, has advised parents to desist from comparing their children with other mates and siblings.

Omilani gave the advice during the Children’s Day celebration organised by the Trinity Council Mission, Ibadan.

He said comparing one children with others could make them feel unloved, lack confidence and inferior to their mates.

The expert called on parents to always understand that they lived in different times with their children, and should be aware of their children’s logic side and understand uniqueness of their children.

Omilani enjoined parents to train, discipline, love, care and always appreciate their children in spite of their shortcomings.

“Due to globalisation, the child is exposed to so many factors; so parents should not use force to make their children accept something.

“Parents should do everything possible to give the best to their children, a child needs praises, kisses and even words of affirmation, not violence all the time.

“Parents should realise that they are accountable to God for every child He has given to them; so, they should always go to God before making any decision concerning children.

“Teach them the word of God when they are active enough to listen and accommodate, this is necessary for their spiritual nourishment,” he said.

Omilani, also advised parents to ensure that they give their children adequate, nutritious plant-based foods for proper growth.

He further urged the government to make sure that the primary education was strengthened to compete with what was obtainable globally.

“Our education system shouldn’t just be free, but also have quality.

“Government schools should be well equipped, just as the private ones; children need a well-conducive classrooms and school environment in such a time,” he said.

A co-coordinator of the Programme, Dr Ife Obideyi, advised children to always be patient in life to learn good things that would enable them to fulfill their destiny.

“Your lives are precious to God and the country; so, you must guard it jealously and avoid engaging in behaviours that can hinder you from fulfilling destiny.

“If you want your life to be better than those of your parents, you must be wise, and always think before you act, so that you will not be swallowed in life,” he said.

Highlights of the programme include songs, games and film/drama shows.