August 18, 2022

Reporters’ Diary

Factual Reportage

ACAON gets CAC approval

Board Chairman, Anti-Corruption Awareness Organization Nigeria ACAON, Alhaji Prince Kola Kadewolu Adeyemi, has congratulated the officers of ACAON for the final released of ACAON certificate by CAC.

He said delight that CAC has today finally approved the long awaited amended of their alterations in our Constitution. It has now been re-prepared, approved and released after several queries and scrutinization.

“Let me use this medium again to continue to appreciate the Almighty. God and wish to thank every members and stakeholders of ACAON for unseasoned prayers, moral and financial supports,

“I can even feel the impact and good wishes of those genuine members/stakeholders that intended to support but handicapped, may the Lord reward every one of us according to our individuals intentions and wishes.

“Thanks to the Board Secretary, National Chairman, National Secretary,  FCT  director and. South East Coordinator to mention but few, may God stands by you always in all your undertaken, this  bridge is crossed by. God’s grace, now the sky is our beginning, he concluded.