August 18, 2022

Reporters’ Diary

Factual Reportage

Group asks FG to work hard on security of the country

The Initiator/Coordinator of Ekoonibaje Festival in Lagos, Ozo Chiedu Idezuna, Ezemuao Africa has advised President Muhammadu Buhari to protect the lives and properties of the citizens.

He said when President took over power in 2015, he sworn to uphold the unity and protect the citizenry, but the situation in the country today is very alarming and it appears that nobody is safe again

Ozo Chiedu Idezuna, said it is the prerogative of the president to ensure the safety of everybody no matter what it will cost him.

Ozo who is also an artist, sad that art as an act of God and is not meant for everybody because it is not an ordinary occupation like law, but an inborn thing.

 God is an artist by creating Man, for one to be an artist it must come from within. It comes with inspiration, there are kinds of artist, cooking, tailoring, carpenter, journalists.  

He said “ the forthcoming of Ekoonibaje New Year Festival, will feature event which will look at the mission of promoting the peaceful co-existence of all the ethnics group nationality in Nigeria  especially Lagos  because Lagos is Mini Nigeria, we must co-exist since we must exist, nobody has the power to stop the other from existing except God. Ekoonibaje came up as an inspiration, we must start to preach the peaceful co-existence of our ethnicity nationally.

“In Lagos we have avenue where we have the Youruba, Egun, Igbo and Hausa why Yoruba are the owner of Lagos that is why we name our annual festival, Ekoonibaje New Yam Festival. We used yam because nobody forbids yam and when you cut the yam it is white that also stand for peace that stand for national unity, so Ekoonibajee  is already artistically.

“On the security state of the country, Eze Oze said he cannot speak for everybody but that Nigeria as a matter of fact is not secured. We have some other time that robbers invaded Aso Rock and we are still mourning our number one Man in the Army, Attahiru Ibrahim.

“He died because of the failed country. This is the way we also lost the former Minister of Justice, Bola Ige, during Olusegun Obasanjo.  Till today the killers cannot be found.

“It is only God that is securing us now, though those they are targeting are the most important people in the society.  Everybody’s life is important that is why this year’s Ekoonibaje celebration is calling for peace because if there is peace their will not be insecurity.