August 16, 2022

Reporters’ Diary

Factual Reportage

Farinto clarifies Police’s visit to ANCLA’s secretariat

The National Vice President of the Association of the Licensed Customs Agents, ANCLA, Dr Kayode Farinto has explained the visit of the police to it’s Secretariat on Friday.

He said: “Some officers of Nigeria Police at about noon today visited the National Secretariat. And their visit have elicited rumour as to the purpose of the visit. You know that the opposition have been promised by those claiming to be their leaders that the National Secretariat will not be opened again and that’s why they are ranting. But they do not know how Police work. There is law and order, there is due process, there is due diligence. The officers that came to the National Secretariat came purposely to deliver pre-dated Letter of Invitation and nothing more. Though Mustapha, Oyeniyi and Offorbike among others would have preferred them to gun everyone down and seal the Secretariat. If wishes were horses…

What they did last Friday was like putting the Cart before the Horse and now they want to do the right thing. They want to hear from both sides and do proper investigation and chart the way forward one way or the other, ANLCA will cooperate with them.

What they did on Friday was rash, illegal, thoughtless and irresponsible. But now they are desirous to correct their error. Consequently, they have opened communication line with ANLCA and ANLCA will comply and we will see who things pan out. Ignore those that claim that they came to re-seal the National Secretariat. ANLCA National Secretariat is the hallowed chamber of Customs Brokers in Nigeria. It is not a warehouse where illicit and unwholesome trade are conducted that can be sealed at will or on mere allegation or petition. Like National Headquarters of other responsible professional bodies, it stands on a higher and lofty height that should not be tainted with bad blood and dirty politics of desperados.