August 16, 2022

Reporters’ Diary

Factual Reportage

APC chieftain advises government to do more on security

The Coordinator of the All Progressive Congress in Ikeja, has said that the mismanagement of the scarce resources and unguided utterances are some of the causes of the insecurity in the country.

Eze Uche Dimgba who is also the Eze Ndigbo of Ikeja explained that there wouldn’t have been be the case of Boko Haram and IPOB agitation if it had be nip in the board at the earlier stage.

The government should know what the people want, they should renew   our constitution and restructure the country. This will definitely reduce the rate of insecurity in the Country, he said.

He said the youths that are agitating for breakup of the country are doing so are because they felt cheated doing so because they felt cheated.  The government must stop the insecurity in the country, they must listen to the people, the situation we are now is not hopeless he said

“Since I took over as the coordinator of the APC in Lagos State 90% of Ndigbo PDP have all decamp  to APC and it is paying off for all of us in the state. We are no more push overs.  Joe Igbokwe as an Igbo Man is working with the government today.

On the South-South Socio Cultural Organisation SSSCIO award,” I feel honoured for the award and thank SSSCIO for finding me worthy for the award what it means is that I should do more,

“I will always carry SSSCIO along to make them know that we are one, both the Ndigbo and SSSCIO are one people,

“There have been a stronghold between the Igbos and Yoruba and that was proving during Ironsi and Fajuyi where an Igbo Man said he will prefer to die instead of killing his friend and they were both killed,

On politics he said Igbo’s are in the forefront of politics in Nigeria, that was when in those days, 

“Both Yoruba and Igbos have similar culture. Here in Lagos the Igbos and Yorubas are working together, so our friendship is so cordial, that is why you can see Akabueze been appointed into the cabinet.

“If the Yoruba and Igbos can built their trust, things will get better in Nigeria again

Chief Dimgba  said he is comfortable giving out his daughter to a Yoruba Man. “I handed   her over to a good family, I don’t take decisions because somebody make such decision, parents should take time to always monitor their children as they are growing.

My children are my friend and they don’t hide anything from me, when I offend them, I will call and beg them and they do the same to me also

He advised President General of SSSCIO to be transparent in all that he does. He should be fare and firm.

He should not let people see him as the Man that speak from both side of his mouth.

President SSSCIO said he sees Eze Dimgba worthy for the award he received. He has demonstrated some measures of strong ethnic extraction in Lagos state.

“He is a  force to  reckon with, I have confidence in him, he is  a quality leader,  he has  giving me hope because moving with  him is hope and  light and to the  hopeless, that is why we  paid him a visit today with an award so that he will continue to do more”{, he concluded.