August 18, 2022

Reporters’ Diary

Factual Reportage

ASCON trains 30 heads of MDAs

About 30 chief executives of Federal Government parastatals and agencies have converged in Badagry, Lagos State for a two-week mandatory training to expose them to the rules of engagement in their organisations.

The third batch of the training was organized by the Presidency and hosted by Administrative Staff College of Nigeria (ASCON).

Speaking at the opening of the training on Tuesday, Director General of ASCON, Mrs Cecilia Umar-Gayya, said the participants would have opportunity of sharing ideas, challenges and experiences during training.

The director general said the programme would allow CEO with similar challenges to meet and discuss those challenges and find out from others how they were about to overcome them.

“This training will give them opportunity to share ideas and experiences and how best to go about their challenges.

“Also, it will expose them to some of the rules of engagement which they face daily during their work which they don’t know.

“We have courses like procurement losses and things like taxation and relating to stakeholders.

“All of these things are what they need to know in order to run their organisation well.

“We can not assume that they know these things, so coming here will enable them to know things.

“Even, if they know them, we will update them, if they don’t know, they will acquire and then, they can broaden their knowledge of how the system works,” she said.

Umar-Gayya said that at the end of the training programme, circular would be sent to the office of the Head of Civil Service and the Secretary to the FG.

“They two offices pushed the idea to the presidency and they accepted it, so having conducted it these many times, we want to a report on what has happened.

“We will also recommend what each set has made and from there we will know whether to continue or not,” she said.

Speaking on the programme, Mr Freeborn Okharia, the Managing Director, Nigeria Railway Corporation (NRC) said they are in ASCON to acquire more knowledge and understand Nigeria better.

Okharia commended the management of the college for maintaining a clean and conducive environment.

Also speaking, Dr DanAzumi Ibrahim, the Director General, National Office for Technology Acquisition and Promotion (NOTAP)  said his expectations was to share his experience, knowledge and challenges to move the nation forward.

Ibrahim said that he would use the opportunity to learn from CEO coming from other agencies.

Mr Bassey Nkposong, the Managing Director, Cross River Basin Development Authority, said the training would offer them opportunity to learn some part of administrative things that would help them to manage their organisation well.

In his remarks, Mr Babatunde Eniaiyejuni, the Director of Study ASCON, said the training programme would be an interactive one.

He said that the best hands in the college would handle the programme.

Eniaiyejuni commended the CEO for coming on time to attend the training.