August 18, 2022

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Oodua president praises SSSCIO

Ade Adesanya

The President of Odua People Congress OPC, Aare Prince Osibote, has expressed his appreciation to leaders of the South South Socio Cultural Organization (SSSCIO) for paying him a royal visit.

Prince Osibote said he has been in the struggle for the liberation of the oppressed as an OPC member since inception.

 Those that said they forth for June 12 were not really there when the going was tough, my vehicle was the one that was vandalized that was LS 400 and this happened at Amu at Mushin, the present, Lagos State commissioner of police was the first to report to the headquarters

The OPC president said founding fathers believed in Nigeria oneness. “This is why we should ask ourselves who I my, I’m sincere in what I am doing. Either you are an Ibom, Hausa or Yoruba, we are one. It is a struggle and we are going to get there”

“Those people clamouring for Biafra and Niger Delta. Their fore-fathers have been living together even before my grandfather was giving birth to, you cannot break away from what you did not create. It is only when you are part of an agreement you come together and say we want otherwise,

Most of us cannot even manage our wives and children not to talk of controlling adult. If we want to start real work in this country our brother putting on suit as lawyers have a lot of work to do and We are going to force the government to withdraw all those policemen guarding the big Men and politicians whatever you are doing is not my business, the police are to protect us, we have a lot of work to do, we the OPC are going to work with the South South, he concluded.