August 18, 2022

Reporters’ Diary

Factual Reportage

Hon Adebayo Taoheed stresses the need to curtail security challenges

By Ade Adesanya

The former Sole Administrator of Oshodi Isolo Local Government and the CEO Checkmate Open Bar and Lounge, Ilasamaja, Lagos, Hon. Taiwo Adebayo Taoheed has said that government should continue to provide constant palliative measures to curtail the insecurity problems we are currently facing. He said the the present insecurity in every part of the world have resulted in massive hunger. “Once you can checkmate hunger by providing enabling environment for poeple to have food and go about their normal businesses. it is sure that crime rate will reduced drastically”, he assured

Hon Adebayo Taoheed advised that the government should continue to put scurity, physical and economic infrastructure in place in other to make sure that an average man could be able to feed himself and his family

“As the former Sole Administrator of Oshodi Isolo Local Government, with limited purview we where able to empower about 2000 youth, we have stipend for the youth to support them every month. Most of the policies we formulated then was channels toward the youth and the record is their till today”

Hon. Taoheed said All Progress Congress (APC) is the only formidable party in Nigeria which he belong to. “Whatever the party provided is what he will support, I admonished and enjoined all meaningful Nigerians in Lagos to cast their vote for all the APC flag bearers from both the chairman to Counsellorship level most especially at Oshodi-Isolo local government

Hon. Adebayo said South-South Socio-Cultural Organisation is an extension of him, I so much love their ways of life and the way they organised themselves, I am part of South South, that is why I rented out my apartment for them for their secretariat even when I have almost about three other people who bidded for same apartment he said.