August 18, 2022

Reporters’ Diary

Factual Reportage

Standard Chartered Bank dissociates self from WITI program

Standard Chartered Bank Nigeria Limited yesterday said  it the company was not  sponsoring  or have any affiliation with the “Intel Region 2021 Standard Chartered Women-in-Tech (WITI) Program for Nigeria”.

Standard Chartered Bank Nigeria Limited is wholly committed to the financial advancement and equity of women across the nation. 

The Standard Chartered Women-in-Tech initiative is a global programme strategically focused on leveraging technology to acquire valuable skills necessary to improve women-led start-ups while also bringing awareness to the apparent disparities affecting female founders and their ventures. 

In Nigeria, the initiative is implemented on behalf of the Bank by the Enterprise Development Centre (EDC) of Pan-Atlantic University, Lagos. 

The program does not have any online application platform, including the recently advertised WhatsApp application platform, and is not implemented by any other organization outside of the EDC. 

Any other platform, group or organization such as “Intel Region”  claiming to have access, affiliations or rights to the initiative is a fraud and members of the public are strongly advised to desist from engaging with them with regards to Standard Chartered Bank Nigeria Limited  or the SC Women in Tech Initiative.