August 18, 2022

Reporters’ Diary

Factual Reportage

Tinubu harps on voter education

 By Stella Williams.

 The Senator, representing Lagos Central, Senator Oluremi Tinubu has called for continuous Voter Education as she urged Lagosians to take advantage of the continuous voter registration exercise to get their permanent voters card (PVC).

Speaking at a polling unit near her residence, she said” you do not have to comment on what government is doing   if you did not cast your vote, may be, people have to be educated.

She said sensitisation of people is also very essential. “You should educate your children on the importance of election. There are lots of things government wants to do for the citizens. Without adequate data, it is impossible. You need to have your voter’s card, National Identity Card and if you do not have that, how do you benefit.

“I have some youths that l employed recently.  They do not have a PVC. What is really sad, is maybe people misunderstand what governance is. If you don’t participate, how do you benefit from the process?

She said most of the things that Government wants to do for the citizenry are many. But you will need a voter’s card or a credible identity card.  If you don’t have that, how do you benefit?

According to her, some young people that l engaged recently among them was one who was about 30 years and he does not have a voter’s card.

 How do you put the right people in office? On the election, Senator Tinubu ” so far so good, it is peaceful, what l saw on the ballot was just two parties, l think Nigeria is going towards a proper way of democratic culture.

“I think every other party should fall into line, this is what we expect the future of Democracy in Nigeria to be like. I think that is the beginning of what true Democracy is like adding that it is the man for the job that will win. She enjoined people to go out and register during the continuous Voter Registration exercise”, she added.