August 10, 2022

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SEAN POLOTEE: The Master of The Art

Sean polotee is a Nigerian journalist, poet, publisher and artist for almost two decades. He has worked in a wide range of professional capacities, cutting across both the private and public spheres.

He was born in Mushin part of Lagos State, his biological father hails from Oyo State.

His passion for entertainment was conceived at his childhood when he often engaged his mates in various crafts like music, acting, modelling, drawing etc. These crafts are what eventually snowballed into the Sean polotee’s personality of today.

In his capacity, He served as a media representative of Innovation Media, Lekki which made him serve as an anchor of a famous radio show: Innovation radio hour at unilag FM. Due to his unwavering desire to showcase talents, he carried out these media duties while also assuming a manager/promoter’s role to the likes of dance hall artiste, Jahman krest, Juju maestro’s crew; Queen mediva band, Annjay, Mecfanny, seasoned comedian, Dr. Buntu, CEO of LP and more fondly called Lady Prevail and others.

Sean polotee worked as a publicist to Chief Femi Branch’s playfest and The Nigerian South African based Nollywood actor: Tuvi James and a lots of others.

He is renowned for his sense of humour and motivation both in words and writings.

He is brain behind the popular slogan newly used about town called ‘MAAGBON’ which he says it’s a movement to create positive drive in the society.

Over the years, the multiple award winner’s ingenuity and resourcefulness have attracted public recognition within the entertainment sector. This availed him the honour of being a recipient of some distinguished awards like the Nigeria Media Night out award, Ikeja City award, African Custodian Award to mention but few.

The Baale of Jordan FM, as fondly called by his admirers, is presently the host of prestigious award winning radio show, Deflower your mind with Sean Polotee, mind-boggling weekly show that runs on Jordan FM 105.5 at 3:30pm on Wednesdays and 3:00pm on Thursdays.

The show reaches out to progressive youths and victims of the challenged society. A show that has been reputed to champion the testimonies of many listeners who attested to the life-changing encounters they had on the show. His love for poetry made him stand out in his columns writings.

according to him in a recent interview, he said he wants the public to anticipated some of the innovative events he intended to unveil in the year 2020 before the pandemic but new plans are being made to made sure our positive messages reaches the public, says – Polotee.