August 16, 2022

Reporters’ Diary

Factual Reportage

FRSC denies involvement in crash along Seme Badagry expressway

The Badagry Command of Federal Road Safety Corp (FRSC) has denied his officers involvement in early morning crash between a Nissan car and motorcycle along Seme Badagry expressway.
Mr Sulaiman Taiwo, the Unit Commander, FRSC, said this in
According to Taiwo, my men were on patrol this morning around 7:00a.m for their special patrol when they apprehended a commercial bus for traffic offence.
“The driver and the passengers attacked my officers with dangerous weapons and when I was called, I quickly phoned the Police.
“Before the Police got to the scene, they have ran away, so my officers impounded the vehicle and took it to the command office in Badagry.
“I recalled the patrol team to office, on their way to office, they met the crash along Seme Badagry expressway, so they stopped to check if there was any injured so as to give helping hands.
“As they were assisting the driver, hoodlums who had been hidden somewhere, bounced on them claiming that they were responsible for the accident.
“They said that they were pursuing the car because they were behind the vehicle that crashed,” he said.
The unit commander said that his personnel managed to get back to office unhurt with the vehicle.
He was surprised to hear on a popular radio station that the accident was as a result of his men pursuing a traffic offender, adding that one life was lost.
“I want to appeal to drivers, motorists and road unions to always get correct information before going to the press.
“Also the media should also come around to get true picture before publishing their story.
“Nobody was killed, no vehicle was damaged, FRSC does not pursue road offenders, even if they run away all what we will do is to publish their names.
“The driver of the motor that had accident had come to our command to apologise and find out if our vehicle or staff sustained injury during the encounter,” he said.
Also,Mr Abiodun Babalola the driver of the Nissan with registration number EA 869 ABJ that involved in the crash said he was coming from Seme in the morning when the crash occurred.
“I was trying to make a u-turn when a motorcycle ran to my front, in other not to collide with the rider, I entered bush with my car.
“Unfortunately, the drivers within the area thought that the FRSC officers who were trying to rescue me were the one responsible for the crash because they were behind.
“They thought the FRSC officials were pursuing my car, so they started manhandling them, it was then I started shouting that they were released,” he said.
Babalola said that he had come to their office to see if any of the officers were injured or the vehicle vandalised.
The driver said that the officers were innocent, adding that they were trying to help him when they were attacked by the hoodlums.