August 16, 2022

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I failed so many times in trying to sell and put my products together – MD/CEO, Twinnes Global

The Managing Director of the
Twinnes Global, Mrs Bola Ojofeitimi is an astute entrepreneur. She recently spoke with Reporter’s Diary newspaper online. Except:

Starting a business may not be all rosy and for someone who has chosen to be a serial entrepreneur it is even more of a herculean task. In this interview with MD/CEO, Twinnes Global, Bola Ojofeitimi she takes us through her journey of becoming an entrepreneur as she recently unveiled Twinnes Global in Lagos.

It’s been a long time coming and I’m delighted to bring it down to my home country, Nigeria, after spending 35 years in the UK.

I failed so many times in trying to sell and put these products together, but we’re thankful the business has grown to be what it is today and I can tell you we have clients globally.

The idea of starting a beauty and skincare brand actually came to me at a time I was suffering from depression; I fell into depression and had a breakout on my face and so I used so many products but they didn’t work.

I decided to go online to search for organic products that could help me clear the spots I developed; it worked and that was how the journey began.

We have had overwhelming testimonials from the UK and we’re humbled by this, even as we have started receiving some from Nigeria.

I’m grateful to all those who have been a part of this history and journey to bring top notch products, services and skincare solutions to all.

Tell us about your new company, Twinnes Global.

Twinnes global is a company registered with the CAC and incorporated in the United Kingdom (UK) with its head office in the UK.

It was primarily established to redefine customers experience through swift, quality products and excellent services delivery.

The company which currently boasts of 3 subsidiaries; Twinnes Beauty, BBFoods and healthcare offers a wide range of skin care solutions, healthcare, hair, foods and we are looking to have tourism and travels amongst its family of businesses.

I must say that these 3 aspects of life (what we eat, our skin, and our general health) are very important for us to live a happy, healthy and fulfilling life, and our broad range of skincare and healthcare solutions are tailored towards addressing these needs of our customers.

Our wide range of products consists of unique skincare, healthcare, and hair products… ranging from body scrub, body oil, toning cream, whitening facial cream to body, moisturizers, trendy and classy hairpieces, and more”.

How affordable are your products?

You don’t need to break the bank to get our products as they are very affordable.