August 16, 2022

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Africa arise — Professor Bright Honu.

By Stella Williams.

A Professor of European –American University, Professor Bright Honu has asked Nigeria to rise from her slumber to take her rightful position in African continent.

Speaking at the Award of Degrees and Conferment of Honorary Doctorate Degrees on eminent personalities at the NECA House, Alausa, Ikeja Lagos, Professor Honu said: “Nigeria Arise, Nigeria, wake up, Nigeria, you are the beacon of Africa, lf you stand, the whole world will begin to shiver, when they hear the world Africa. Nigeria, begin to change your mind set, begin to look inward, domesticate, what we can do with what we have.

He said though Africa love the things of the European and Americans than what we have: “We have to redefine our education if we want our Generations to be emancipated and be free.

“In Ghana too, we produce oil, but you Will be surprise that the Engineers we are producing today, who are graduates in oil and gas, they have not seen an oil block before neither have they seen the raw crude oil before, at the end of the day, the person graduates, goes to the field and becomes useless.

 “Time has come that we put certain things on the right perspective, that we love our country, that we allow our children, our generation to love our country, except our educational system begin to look inwardly, thinking about what we have, and what we can do with what we have, even in a thousand years, Africa will not go anywhere.

He said our “education must blend with our culture, today, we throw our culture aside, and how did our fore father’s cope with things during their time? Necessity, they say, is the mother of invention, for instance, why can’t we start with bamboos to make our bicycles here, why do we have preference for foreign products and goods? Any time l come to Nigeria, l see the whole of Africa, any time l set my eyes on a Nigerian, l see the whole of Africa in that person.

“Nigeria is the gateway of prosperity and success for Africa. Nigeria must arise” he added.

Also speaking at the occasion, after being conferred with Doctor of Science (D Sc Hons) in Business Management and Corporate Governance, Honoris Causa,  Mike Eze –Nwalie, an Entertainer, Entrepreneur and a director with the Cuban Group of Companies in Nigeria popularly known as “pretty mike” said ” it is a great honour to be picked among my peers.  Am greatly honoured by this institution. I believe in our sectors over the years, we stood out, it is important to continue to stand out and keep leading.

In Nigeria, most people that know me, know that l have passion for Nigeria. Even as an lgbo man, my name on Instagram is Pretty Mike of Lagos. I embrace the culture of our country and l tell people that Nigeria is the greatest country in the world. A lot of people sometimes try to question or quarrel with me, asking me why l said Nigeria is the greatest country in the world and l tell them that for you to thrive in this environment, it is only by the special grace of God that makes it a unique and great country.

 I have taken that as a bold step by investing on humanity and people.  That is the best investment you can ever have.

Speaking at the occasion, as one of the Honorary, Engineer Obi Ogoamaka Austin said he felt overwhelmed, honored and distinguished. “Actually, it has been in my lifestyle to contribute to something good in this University.

“I am being honoured to have a Doctorate Degree with them. Fortunately for me, I will dedicate my time, finance to make sure they Steve to be at the highest level on humanity, l am from Oba, Anambra State.” If you look at Obi Cubana, he invested in humanity, in friends and today, he was not the one who handled the funeral, rather it was his friends, who he has invested in, he impacted their lives, because of his good will towards humanity.

“I have taken that as a bold step, which l am processing, being investing on humanity and people that is the best investment you can ever have.

In her words, her Royal Highness Olori Edna Ngozi Ubebe who was also honoured by the European — American University is a serial Enterpreneur, real estate professional and marketing expert. She is also the chief executive officer of simply Mi Homes. She said she has invested in the development of human capital both locally and internationally. “I have created jobs for young people in Nigeria by teaching and mentoring them in the real estate sector.many of them are taking care of their families now, not depending on anyone. I appreciate this award. It will spur me to do more for humanity and l wish the University Greater success. Ubebe has a driving passion that makes her to relentlessly desire for people to own their own homes.

Commenting on the occasion, Mrs. Clara Ahua, an educationist and the chief executive officer of CLASAM Group of Schools noted that it was a double honour for her as CLASAM schools earlier in the day had graduation ceremony for their students.

 “I had to rush down to this place so it is really a great day. Impacting knowledge as you know, knowledge has no limit, it is every day, as parts of our life activities. We impact for them as educators, to be able to stand for the future, and for the children going through the learning process, we want to inculcate learning into them so they can stand with their peer group anywhere in the world. To the University that honoured her l really appreciate them for honouring me today that means, they really know what they are doing is a humanitarian with a heart of gold this is what led to “.

The prosper Otega Foundation” which takes care of the educational needs of “out of school. For Ambassador Ugochukwu Onyibor Morah, a Director of Strategy, West Africa for Powerdot UK said his efforts and works over the years have been recognized by the University.

“PowerdotUk opened my eyes to the lack of progress that we are experiencing in Nigeria. In my current position which has allowed me to champion the light up and clean up Africa initiative through waste incineration to energy. The ground breaking ceremony for the construction of a solid waste to Energy power plant, first of its kind in Africa will take place in August 2021 in Bauchi State Nigeria.

 Meanwhile PowerdotUK had earlier signed a contract in January 2021 with Bauchi state Government to provide 10 megawatts of electricity.