August 10, 2022

Reporters’ Diary

Factual Reportage

DCP Isaac commends FG on plans for youths

 A Deputy Commissioner of police, DCP, Isaac Akpo, who is also a member of Urobo Progressive Union UPU, Lagos State has praised the efforts of the government s in its efforts to create employment opportunity for the youth, adding that if the youths have jobs, they will not have time for any criminal activities.

“The Inspector General of Police and the President, Federal Republic of Nigeria, General Mohammadu Buhari Rtd are  trying in the area of security, we should continue to pray for them for God to give them the knowledge and understanding to continue to paddle their canoe rightly.

 He said each and every one in this country should be security conscious. He advised the youth to avoid bad gangs, manage the little they have so that they will not involve themselves in problems.

 “They should not go against the government because doing that will amount to fighting God because after God it is the government, you can only advise the government he concluded.

Chief Okifo Uduefe, the chairman UPU Alimosho sub-branch said they are gathering Sons and daughters of UPU in the presence of their Ikeja President Chief Fidelis Odia and every other dignitaries in Urobo land, bringing them together to come and celebrate with Alimosho sub-branch.

 The Ikeja  President visit to Alimosho on his Rotarian visit to all the branch in Lagos, he has visited one branch and this is the second branch and he is going to visit all other branches in Lagos in time to come, UPU is an umbrella body of all Urobo Sons and daughters in the world, we are doing empowerment programs to take youth out of the street to gainfully be self-employed in the future,  right now we are gathering the youth, taking the  sample of whatever they need to stand in the correct situation, if they are self-employed they will not engage in criminal act, they will be proud to be associated with the Urobos under the umbrella of the UPU, he advise the federal government to create an enable  empowerment and make the foreign exchange to be favourable to Business men and women because business are closing down daily in this country, people are unable to sustain themselves and they are losing their jobs daily, so that people who are in business can survive the hardship as it is he said.

President UPU Ikeja branch, Lagos, Chief Fidelis Odia, the Omoyema of Abraka Kingdom,  who is the guest,  said he is on a visitation to UPU in Alimosho, I am going to cover ten local government in Lagos, Lagos happened to be very unique, every other state and country in the world have one branch of UPU but Lagos has two.

The second branch of UPU was established in Lagos in 1934, UPU Lagos covers 20 local government and they are divided into two, 10 in Apapa and 10 in Ikeja where I am the President, since I became the president my policy is to visit my sub branches as my efforts to create more sub branches and my visiting them is also to encourage all Urobo people in this environment that UPU is the way to go and the group to join.

He said  there are so many people who are not in UPU but just hear about this gathering and they are overwhelmed and I am sure that they are ready to join us now, Women are strong force in UPU, they are well represented:  “ We don’t have any special empowerment program for them but for all members and women included, there are so many banks today that our women are MD’s and I have Three girls and I don’t see them as disadvantaged,  so I don’t need to have special program for empowerment for my children but program of employment for all  indigent Urobo people  to pool them out of wherever they are to where they should be, whether women or men the same thing applied he concluded.