August 16, 2022

Reporters’ Diary

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RRS Media celebrate CSP Egbeyemi: THE COMMANDER RRS

After brilliant outings against lawbreakers, CSP Egbeyemi was recently celebrated by the RRS team media. They said his “birthdays, are special times and moments when, we in ourselves or other greatly inspiring figures across diverse walks of life are celebrated with a fond and sincere heart.

Today the 4th of August, 2021, represent one of such stand out days of every year, when the world stand afoot in merry for no other but a security chief per difference; a trail blazer with very many intimidating and unmet successes in the relentless fight to safeguard lives and properties of Lagosians first and Nigerians awhile.

CSP Saheed Olayinka Egbeyemi, The Numero Uno at Lagos state Rapid Response Squad (RRS), unit of the Lagos state police command, is a brand name associated with a litany of back breaking records in the policing work across differing capacities, continuing in his current capacity as the commander of the RRS Lagos state.

The white lion as he is fondly addressed by Lagosians has an uncommon touch in his character and it is the unique humanitarian lining easily identifiable with him regardless of his top notch professionalism and decisiveness in the line of duty; as sleek, precise and result oriented as he has come to be known, Farin Zaki (The White Lion), has unsolicited created a niche for himself with an indelible mark of positive impression on the minds of sundry Lagosians owing to his relief hand outs and giving back to the society life style.

No wonder, OMOKULEHIN has been able to take community policing a notch higher, having been fully demonstrating the police is your friend submission to the letter; it has become common place across Lagos to see the RRS commander been hailed and welcome with heroics into communities even while on duty; credits to his regular all comers reliefs and supports to the needy, dissidents and people living with disabilities (PLWD).

CSP Egbeyemi is a friend and a household name amongst the Arewas, the Ndigbos, Yorubas and everyone; he is not known to ever segregate but fraternizes on the basis of unapologetic professionalism and top rate integrity.

Commentaries from a cross section of his subordinates and civilians as surveyed are fraught with uncommon commendations and well wishes, no wonder the entire SPY PC’s in RRS joyfully address him as EGBEYEWA owing to the new lease of life and welfares been experienced at the agency.

The list is endless and it is in the light of the above, that CSP Saheed Olayinka Egbeyemi, the commander Rapid Response Squad (RRS), is today been specially celebrated with pop and pageant and the prayers that, our Lord will continue to steer his ship, protect him, increase him in leaps and bounds up to the ultimate goal of his blistering career Amin.