August 10, 2022

Reporters’ Diary

Factual Reportage

Fake news capable of destroying nation – Cleric

The Missionary in charge of Badagry Circuit, Ahmadiyyat Muslim Jama’at of Nigeria, Mr Uthman Rabiu, said fake news was capable of destroying a nation.

Rabiu said this at the 45th Annual Virtual National ITJEMA (Convention) 2021 organised by Ahmadiyyat Muslim Jama’at of Nigeria in Lagos.

The theme of the convention was, “Building A Violence Free Society: Role of an Ahmadi Muslim.”

According to him, the potential danger of fake news or misinformation cannot be underestimated; it is capable of igniting crisis that can destroy the entire nation.

“In this modern time, information is passed through either print or electronic medium such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

“Some of the information are so inimical to the peace and corperate unity of a nation, so one must, therefore, endeavour to investigate the authenticity and usefulness of information received before sharing,” he said.

He added that whatever information received by Ahmadi Muslims should be considered very well, particularly the source of the information and how authentic it is.

“Even if you know the source and its authenticity, ask yourself, is it useful or what purpose will it serve for you to celebrate it?

“Many of us, whatever we see in any platform, we must forward it without having a second thought about such information, we even send it to platforms where it is not useful,” he said.

The missionary said fake news was contributing to the challenges that already existed in the country.

“As a result of these fake information, the government is fighting back with so many regulations and amendments on existing laws and enacting new ones.

“But it is the responsibility of government to make sure that any information that can cause problem or add fuel to the existing raging inferno that is consuming the entire nation is controlled,” he said.

Rabiu said the Islamic law or “Hadith” in the Holy Qur’an maintained and upheld the right to freedom of expression, but restrained it when disturbing peace and harmony.

Alhaji Azeez Alatoye, the Amir, Ahmadiyyat Muslim Jama’at of Nigeria, said the leader of the Muslim sect gave members three new rules with which to maintain a peaceful society.

Alatoye said the first rule was that there should not be physical combat with anybody, either from husband to wife or vice versa.

“There should be no verbal attack among members of the sect or other Muslims according to the teaching of Qur’an.

“Lastly, if there is any issue that cannot be resolved between members starting from wife and husband, it should be reported at the local circuit, if local cannot resolve it, they should send it to national circuit for settlement.

“All these strategies are to eliminate violence, because domestic violence is real but it should not be in our system.

“We the Ahmadi must distinguish ourselves if we are able to achieve this, then we will replicate it to others,” he said.

The Chairman, Planning Committee of the 45 Annual Virtual National ITJEMA Convention, Badagry Circuit, Alhaji Abdul-Waheed Ojo urged Ahmadi Muslims to be law abiding citizens of the country.

Ojo urged other Muslims to accept Ahmadi sect as one family.

Ahmadi Muslims from Ajido community, Imeke community, Ibereko, Aradagun and Badagry were at the centre to grace the virtual conversation.