August 18, 2022

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Community leader cry out over threat to live by commercial motorcyclist Union leader

A community leader in Okanran in Ado-Odo, Ogun State, Chief Menu Ogunbiyi, on Monday cried out over threat to live by one Tajudeen Ogunlowo, a commercial motorcycle leader over sales of tickets in the area.

Ogunbiyi in a press briefing in Lagos said his life had been in danger since he refused to allow Ogunlowo to sell Lagos tickets to motorcyclist in Ogun State.

“This man has been threatening my life without doing anything for him, all I did was to tell him that he cannot set Lagos tickets in Ogun community because it is not his jurisdiction.

“On Dec.25, 2019, he beat me merciless and tore my cloth into pieces.

“I went to report him at Kam Salem Police station in Obalende and they warned him to leave me alone.

“He said I should allow him to sell tickets because I’m a community leader but I refused to allow him sell the tickets.

“This is Okanran in Ado-Odo, Ogun State, he has no right to sell tickets here,” he said.

After leaving the station, he started threatening my life and promised to kill me.

“On Aug. 22, 2021, I was coming from my farm in Okanran, riding on my motorcycle when he ran over me with his bike.

“He wounded me in left leg and threatening to kill me with gun. He took my motorcycle away, I was coming from my farm where I was keeping pigs.

“He later sent his thugs to my farm to steal my water pump machine

“At present I cannot go to farm or attend any public function without the fear of this man.

“I have reported him at Ado-Odo police station and they have government to look for him without luck. He has been hiding himself and still threatening to kill me.

“I am appealing to the federal and Ogun State governments to safe my life from this man.

“He is an indigene of Ede in Osun State and he cannot be threatening me

“This man has become a terror in the midst of people in Okanran land.

“He has collected about five motorcycles from the residents with fear,” he said.

All efforts to get Ogunlowo on phone was abortive as he refused to answer the calls or received messages sent to him.