August 18, 2022

Reporters’ Diary

Factual Reportage

Izehiobe Ogbeta advises Edo Governor to Constitute Cabinet

The Proprietor, KIMSO Nursery and Primary School/ Calvary International College, Hon. Sunday Izehiobe Ogbeta, has advised the Edo state Governor, Godwin Obaseki to do the needful and form his cabinet. 

He said political class are suffering, “if he appointed 10 % out of the political class those appointed will be doing fine and participating in his government, he should stop working as a sole administrator, he should also remember that people came out to follow him South, West, East and North of Edo State before he was able to become governor under a different party within a very short period.

Hon. Sunday Ogbeta said he established KIMSO nursery and Primary school 20 years ago, when he left the government teaching line because teachers take home pay was not encouraging Then, imagine where Landlord will tell you house for rent “but not for teachers” I have to leave because i discovered that school performance in this environment was low and children are not getting it right in terms of primary school education,

the reason I picked up the challenge to establish one that is standard for a model in the community and I am not regretting it at all, the full meaning of KIMSO is Kiakia, Idowu,  Mary, Sunday and Ogbeta.

Due to the fact that our outgoing student still need a better foundational  platform to  continue their education, this is what make me to established  Calvary international College,  for the parents  to enjoy the benefit of their children and for the students to have the feelings that the environment those not  constitute hindrance to their education and future

The major challenges we are having is manpower, most of the graduate does not want to stay in the rural area and graduate that have educational background are equally scarce, by and large on our own we have tried to train teachers to give  them the necessary rudiment

In the area of teaching another challenges facing us is finance, getting money to run a school is very difficult at list to get adequate facilities for our secondary school, this requires huge amount and no financial institutions is ready  to help out,  the government have not even taking care of their own school not to talk of coming to help the private Schools, the state government has no impute rather than skeletal supervisory role,  the lowest and  common educational materials is not provided by the state to the private Schools, we pay through our nose to get every facilities, since they cannot take care of their own schools I don’t expect anything meaningful from them to the private Schools

On the security situation in the country, Honourable Sunday said The federal government itself is insecurity, everybody is now aware that even in Aso Rock there are insecurity and terrorist, the fact is that the government is shading the herdsmen, Bokoharam, pundit and protecting them against the innocent Nigerians, shows that we don’t have a government of Nigeria has it is supposed to be but President of the Fulani cabals, he said